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Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Blog, Entertainment | 0 comments

Warm Weddings: Keeping Guests Comfortable With Outdoor Heating

When cool weather temperatures are a concern for your outdoor wedding, event rental companies offer an array of heating options. Price points, heating capabilities and your individual preferences may influence whether you choose electric or gas powered heaters. Additionally, a completely open wedding site may require more power to heat than a partially enclosed location. The following ideas can help you keep your guests comfortable at your wedding.

Utilize Patio Heaters for Small Spaces

If the guest size of your wedding is relatively small, an infrared propane heater adequately radiates heat within a 12 to 15 feet diameter. Typically known as patio heaters, a unit operating on 40,000 BTUs comfortably heats a 15′ x 15′ tent that accommodates approximately 25 guests. If multiple radiant heaters of this type are used, ensure that they are placed in the center of each desired area with at least a 30 inch clearance around the propane base.

  • To increase personal experience and comfort, opt for tabletop units on each of the dining tables within your reception space.
  • Event rental companies also tend to offer covers for these outdoor patio heaters. Unsightly metal components or housings for propane tanks are camouflaged with coverings to coincide with your wedding decor.
  • More visually appealing options include units with domed shaped reflective covers, commonly referred to as umbrella or mushroom heaters, which direct heat downward and out. Glass and tower shaped choices also work well with wedding schemes.

Increase Heating Power with Larger Units

Bigger tented areas benefit with the use of forced air heaters. These types of heaters are fueled by propane gas and utilize an electric fan to blow heated air into a desired space. You can expect to heat a 3,000 square feet area with 125,000 BTUs, accommodating 100+ guests easily. Forced air heaters operate as their name implies, by warming the surrounding air.

Opt for Instant and Direct Electrical Heat

Electric heaters eliminate any concerns of emission and fuel around guests; however, an outside power source such as a standalone generator would be needed. Typically known as spot heaters, the design of the unit will influence the direction of its heat output. Although electric units instantly provide heat, they only warm nearby people and objects, not the air itself.   

Extra Tips to Consider

  • Select a setting with an outdoor fireplace. Make the fireplace a focal point and arrange your dining and reception area around it. The fireplace serves as a natural heating source as well as being aesthetically pleasing for a wedding site. 
  • Rent tents or canopies with side panels and walls. The extra coverage prevents heat from escaping through large openings.

An event rentals company can provide you with more information about outdoor heating options for your wedding.

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