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Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

Tips To Grow Your Video Game Streaming Channel

Streaming video games can be an excellent way for a person to build a following, and this following can be used to generate income. However, many newcomers to streaming will make some mistakes that can hinder the ability of their channel to grow. In order to minimize these risks and ensure that your channel’s subscriber count grows, you will need to consider following some basic guidelines.

Record Your Streaming Sessions

Many people will fail to appreciate the value that comes from recording streaming sessions. However, taking the time to save your stream will allow you to upload it to multiple video websites, which can allow you to reach many more viewers.

In addition to uploading your entire session, you should also consider creating compilations, teasers and reviews. All of these options will allow you to incorporate video of your saved streaming sessions, which can greatly increase the amount of content you are publishing.  

Understand The Steps For Properly Incorporating Social Media To Grow Your Stream

In order for your channel to gain subscribers, people will have to be able to find it. To this end, an active and effective social media campaign can be essential. When designing your campaign, you will want to regularly update your social media page with entertaining content that is relevant to gaming. Ideally, this should be a healthy mixture of articles, videos, and memes, as this will help to keep your audience engaged.

Avoid Committing Copyright Infringement

When you are streaming or promoting your stream, you will need to only use images and music that you have commercial rights to. Using copyrighted images or music without permission can result in you being sued and possibly having to pay expensive damages. Luckily, there are a number of services that allow you to pay a small monthly fee to access a large catalog of commercial-use images and music.

Create A Blog

As you promote your stream, it is likely that you will need to actively work on numerous websites. For example, you may have social media accounts on the major networks, accounts for various video uploading websites, and forum accounts. In the event that you were to switch to a new streaming platform, you could find it extremely time consuming and disruptive to have to change the profile information in all of these accounts to reflect your new platform. By having a blog, you can direct all of your accounts to a stable website where fans and followers can find your schedule.

Additionally, a blog can allow you to capitalize on traffic to your pages when you are not actively streaming. This will require you to make regular updates to the blog, but the ability to capture this traffic may be worth the extra work this will require. For more information on video game streaming, check out companies like

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