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About Blooper Videos

Hello and welcome to My name is Brent, and I will be your ferry through the river of time as we learn the history of blooper videos. Just like the average person, I like to laugh. Life is more fun when it’s full of laughter, and the world seems to be getting more and more laughs at the expense of other people, especially with the rise of social media.

Let me take a moment and say that I don’t advocate humiliating or bullying people in real life or on some form of social networking. We all make mistakes, hurt ourselves, or mess up, and we probably don’t need thousands of people taking about it if we don’t give our consent. Most of the time, we commit bloopers and can have a laugh at them with our friends and family and they don’t cause any harm. Those are the kind of bloopers that we should enjoy, not the ones that degrade people.

Having said that, there are many bloopers that are available to watch in many different locations that aren’t as harmful and aren’t done in a harmful manner. All kinds of bloopers are talked about on this site, so hopefully you gravitate toward the more positive ones, and hopefully you learn something while perusing this site.