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Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

Tips To Grow Your Video Game Streaming Channel

Streaming video games can be an excellent way for a person to build a following, and this following can be used to generate income. However, many newcomers to streaming will make some mistakes that can hinder the ability of their channel to grow. In order to minimize these risks and ensure that your channel’s subscriber count grows, you will need to consider following some basic guidelines.

Record Your Streaming Sessions

Many people will fail to appreciate the value that comes from recording streaming sessions. However, taking the time to save your stream will allow you to upload it to multiple video websites, which can allow you to reach many more viewers.

In addition to uploading your entire session, you should also consider creating compilations, teasers and reviews. All of these options will allow you to incorporate video of your saved streaming sessions, which can greatly increase the amount of content you are publishing.  

Understand The Steps For Properly Incorporating Social Media To Grow Your Stream

In order for your channel to gain subscribers, people will have to be able to find it. To this end, an active and effective social media campaign can be essential. When designing your campaign, you will want to regularly update your social media page with entertaining content that is relevant to gaming. Ideally, this should be a healthy mixture of articles, videos, and memes, as this will help to keep your audience engaged.

Avoid Committing Copyright Infringement

When you are streaming or promoting your stream, you will need to only use images and music that you have commercial rights to. Using copyrighted images or music without permission can result in you being sued and possibly having to pay expensive damages. Luckily, there are a number of services that allow you to pay a small monthly fee to access a large catalog of commercial-use images and music.

Create A Blog

As you promote your stream, it is likely that you will need to actively work on numerous websites. For example, you may have social media accounts on the major networks, accounts for various video uploading websites, and forum accounts. In the event that you were to switch to a new streaming platform, you could find it extremely time consuming and disruptive to have to change the profile information in all of these accounts to reflect your new platform. By having a blog, you can direct all of your accounts to a stable website where fans and followers can find your schedule.

Additionally, a blog can allow you to capitalize on traffic to your pages when you are not actively streaming. This will require you to make regular updates to the blog, but the ability to capture this traffic may be worth the extra work this will require. For more information on video game streaming, check out companies like

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Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Blog, Entertainment |

Tips For Traveling By Air With Your Coffin-Style Guitar Case

When you’re planning to travel by air with your guitar, your first priority is to invest in a high-quality case. While you might use a gig bag for carrying your instrument around town, you need a robust case that will protect your guitar against the rigors of travel when you’ll be flying. A coffin-style case is one option — built so that the exterior of the case has the six-sided appearance of a coffin, this case will keep your instrument snug even if it bounces around during the trip. If you haven’t previously flown with your guitar and coffin case, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Secure The Case With A TSA-Approved Combination Lock

Just as TSA agents will look in your carry-on bag and backpack, they’ll also want to see inside your guitar case. If you’ve locked the case with a conventional padlock or combination lock, you can count on the lock being cut off — which will leave your instrument vulnerable for the rest of the trip. You can completely eliminate this issue by securing the case with a TSA-approved lock. The agent will be able to open the lock to confirm the contents of the case, but will then secure it upon finishing the inspection.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Anything Forbidden In Your Case

Many travelers will carefully go through their carry-on luggage to ensure they aren’t carrying anything on the TSA’s prohibited items list, but don’t forget to take the same vigilant approach to your guitar case. Sharp cutting tools, which you may use for cutting strings or working on various elements of your guitar rig, should be removed and placed in your checked luggage.

Research Your Airline’s Oversized Items Policy

Browse your airline’s website to learn about its policies concerning traveling with oversized items. You certainly aren’t the first guitar player to travel by airplane with his or her instrument, and many airlines clearly outline their policies regarding musical instrument cases. If have yet to actually book your flight, consider doing so with an airline that has musical instrument-friendly policies.

Try To Carry The Case Onto The Flight

While you have the option of checking the case, doing so can lead to an anxiety-ridden flight as you fret about the baggage handlers being rough with it or losing it altogether. Avoid this stress by trying to carry the case onto the flight. While it’s much larger than the carry-on bag size restriction, many flight attendants will grab the case from you and stow it at the front or rear of the plane — just remember to be exceedingly grateful if you get this courtesy.

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Warm Weddings: Keeping Guests Comfortable With Outdoor Heating

When cool weather temperatures are a concern for your outdoor wedding, event rental companies offer an array of heating options. Price points, heating capabilities and your individual preferences may influence whether you choose electric or gas powered heaters. Additionally, a completely open wedding site may require more power to heat than a partially enclosed location. The following ideas can help you keep your guests comfortable at your wedding.

Utilize Patio Heaters for Small Spaces

If the guest size of your wedding is relatively small, an infrared propane heater adequately radiates heat within a 12 to 15 feet diameter. Typically known as patio heaters, a unit operating on 40,000 BTUs comfortably heats a 15′ x 15′ tent that accommodates approximately 25 guests. If multiple radiant heaters of this type are used, ensure that they are placed in the center of each desired area with at least a 30 inch clearance around the propane base.

  • To increase personal experience and comfort, opt for tabletop units on each of the dining tables within your reception space.
  • Event rental companies also tend to offer covers for these outdoor patio heaters. Unsightly metal components or housings for propane tanks are camouflaged with coverings to coincide with your wedding decor.
  • More visually appealing options include units with domed shaped reflective covers, commonly referred to as umbrella or mushroom heaters, which direct heat downward and out. Glass and tower shaped choices also work well with wedding schemes.

Increase Heating Power with Larger Units

Bigger tented areas benefit with the use of forced air heaters. These types of heaters are fueled by propane gas and utilize an electric fan to blow heated air into a desired space. You can expect to heat a 3,000 square feet area with 125,000 BTUs, accommodating 100+ guests easily. Forced air heaters operate as their name implies, by warming the surrounding air.

Opt for Instant and Direct Electrical Heat

Electric heaters eliminate any concerns of emission and fuel around guests; however, an outside power source such as a standalone generator would be needed. Typically known as spot heaters, the design of the unit will influence the direction of its heat output. Although electric units instantly provide heat, they only warm nearby people and objects, not the air itself.   

Extra Tips to Consider

  • Select a setting with an outdoor fireplace. Make the fireplace a focal point and arrange your dining and reception area around it. The fireplace serves as a natural heating source as well as being aesthetically pleasing for a wedding site. 
  • Rent tents or canopies with side panels and walls. The extra coverage prevents heat from escaping through large openings.

An event rentals company can provide you with more information about outdoor heating options for your wedding.

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Learning A Musical Instrument

Starting out on a musical instrument may seem difficult, but with a nudge in the right direction, anyone can learn to be a pro. There are a few ways you can learn an instrument. Some of them include joining a local music program, hiring a teacher, or even learning yourself with the right book.

Joining a Local Music Program

If you or your child are still in grade school, there may be a music program available. Joining a beginning band class is a great way to learn an instrument; you also get the benefit of working with other peers. Learning with others is a good way to make friends and build trust.

When joining a beginner’s class, you are required to pick an instrument. If you are unsure, don’t worry, you can experiment with as many instruments as you want. Try finding an instrument that seems the most appealing to you; look up professionals online for inspiration. Eventually, you will find the perfect instrument!

Private Lessons

If you don’t want to join a local music program quite yet, that’s perfectly fine! Hiring a private teacher is another viable option. In fact, having your very own teacher is better than joining a class in some ways. With private lessons, it is just you and the teacher. This one-on-one time allows the teacher to focus solely on you, rather than a whole class. The teacher also specializes on the instrument you chose to play so they know all the techniques. Having a teacher really sets you up to become a great player.

Finding a good music teacher may take time, however. If you are unsure of teachers in your area, there are several websites you can use to search. Many websites allow you to search for teachers within your area using your zip code.

Beginner’s Books

If you like teaching yourself, buying a beginner’s music book might be the option for you. With a book, you learn all the techniques and notes by reading. Learning how to play an instrument from a book requires a little more patience than if you were going to learn from a class or teacher. However, if you are up to the challenge, teaching yourself may not be so bad.

There are books for all types of instruments, so finding the right one is essential. There are many brands of music books out there made for beginners. Books for instruments can be found at local music stores or on websites accessible by internet.

With all of these options, you’ll soon learn how to play music in no time! Whatever path you decide to go on, you will be one step closer to becoming a fantastic instrumental musician.

For more information, contact a music teacher, such as Clyde Hunt, to see which learning style would be best for you.

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Why You Should Use A Charter Jet

If you own a business where you and others in your company have to travel a lot, it can make a lot of sense to have a corporate charter jet. Despite recent criticism from the White House, many business owners are finding that these jets are a valuable asset for business. Sales for private jets are still strong. And here’s why.


It’s up to you whether you want to rent or own a jet, but either way you’ll save a lot of time and aggravation. Even in the best of circumstances at airports (no delays, cancellations, or missed flights), a recent study cited that most frequent flyers can spend an average of up to four-and-a-half hours at airports. This sums up checking in, airport security, traveling to gates, boarding, layovers, and baggage claim. If you double this with a roundtrip flight plan, it could be up to nine hours—an entire workday.

That’s a lot of time wasted time and—you guessed it—money. When productivity is hampered by the woes of traveling, it only hurts your business. Fortunately, the majority of private jet companies can arrange to travel within a four-hour time window for renters, which allows you to spend your time productively while you wait.


Saving time isn’t the only benefit of hiring a corporate charter. Data provided by Forbes shows that private jets have access to over 5,000 airports across the world, which is ten times the amount of destinations that most commercial airlines reach.

There are some who criticize the private jet industry, claiming that it is gluttonous or another expression of elitism. However, what most people don’t realize is that chartered flying is often necessary for international corporations that require executive assistance for company emergencies. In addition, it makes even more sense to fly privately when you have a group who would otherwise fly first class, or when you have a group that needs to continue working together even while traveling, since most charter jets have Wi-Fi capability.


While airport security remains a widely disputed topic, there’s no need for TSA screening when flying privately. Further, a lot of commercial flights have to stick to fixed routes because of FAA regulations, which means that inclement weather is harder to get around. A private jet doesn’t have to abide by the same travel patterns set forth by the FAA, which means that you can travel around inclement weather (if you’re in a hurry) instead of waiting for it to pass.

Most commercial airlines do not offer much transparency to their customers when it comes to several things: safety check history, aircraft insurance, and crew/pilot hours. But charter companies usually offer information for every aspect of aircraft safety, helping you to monitor your own safety with more autonomy instead of just taking their word at face value.

Yes, private jets are nice, and they’re considered a commodity. But if you find the need to fly frequently, consider the benefits you just read. Travel safely!

Considering hiring chartering services for an office party? Contact a group like Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise.

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Making The Most Of Your Speech: Tips For Public Speaking

 It is widely known that most people fear public speaking more than anything else, even death. Human beings have evolved as social animals with the need to be part of a community. But when we see the possibility of embarrassment or worse, ostracism, most people shrink back from public speaking. If you’re speaking at a public event from a classroom to portable staging to an auditorium, follow these tips to make the most of your speech.

Physical Relaxation

Nervousness often manifests itself in physical ways. Sweaty palms, muscular tension, fast heart rate, and unnecessary, distracting movements are hallmarks of our nerves spinning out of control.

To help alleviate physical tension, try the following meditation exercise.

First, find a private space, perhaps before you leave home, and lie down on your back with your eyes closed, palms facing up. You might find that a pillow helps decrease tension in your neck. Keep your breathing slow and even; this will help decrease your heart rate. Then, imagine the following images very carefully and vividly:

  1. Imagine a warm, safe place that makes you feel at home or at ease.
  2. Imagine the specific sounds, smells, and sensations of this new environment.
  3. Imagine a warm ray of sunlight massaging your feet, melting away the tension.
  4. Imagine that ray of sunlight slowly traveling up through the calves, thighs, pelvis, back, shoulders, chest, arms, neck, and head. Take time with each area of your body, at least 10 seconds each.

Having a physical looseness and relaxed state will put not only you but also your audience at ease.

Organized Outline

Many speakers make the habit of writing out every word they’re going to say. While this may be necessary for a televised event or for a symposium, where your words are going to be published in written form, such a practice can come across as contrived and stiff.

Many of the best speeches happen with real-time interaction with the audience. If you browse speakers of TED Talks, you’ll notice that they will have occasional phrases that are prewritten, but for the most part, they interact with their audiences and feel out their responses before moving on to the next point of their talks. These great speakers have this ability because of the outlines they use.

An outline breaks everything down into talking points, reminding you of the direction of your speech without restricting you. It allows you the ability to edit your speech as you go along.

A good outline is usually organized in the following way:

  1. Introduction
    • Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them.
  2. Talking points
    • The main talking points of the speech should be clear and concise. Try to have at least three talking points.
      • Supporting evidence comes underneath each talking point.
        • Anecdotal support can have a great emotional impact on the audience.
  3. Conclusion
    • Remind the audience what you’ve just told them and why they should care.

Of course, there are many kinds of public speeches, but the more organized and prepared you are, the more credible you will be as a speaker.

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