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Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

Tips for Playing Virtual Reality Games for the First Time

A new craze has been hitting the market for the past year. This craze is video games and experiences that use virtual reality, or a headset that allows you to feel as though you are truly in the game or the video itself. Some virtual reality video games come with special gloves that allow you to interact with the world. Others use a simple game controller. You might want to play virtual reality games, but you might be afraid that you are going to become disoriented or have other problems. Here are some tips for playing virtual reality games for the first time.  

1. Try It With a Friend in the Room

You might not want people to watch you play a virtual reality game because you are worried about looking dumb. However, you also might be a lot more comfortable if you have someone in the room with you while you are playing the game so that if you do get freaked out by it, you have someone to talk to. This is especially useful if you have a virtual reality game that requires you too get up and move. Your friend can let you know if you are getting close to walls or windows and help move obstacles out of your way as you walk around. 

2. Start Small

Play the game for five to ten minutes and then take a break. It is very normal for people to feel like they are getting motion sickness when they first start playing the game. You will have more success with the game if you build up your tolerance to the controls and the visuals. Taking frequent breaks will allow you to ensure that you don’t get discouraged or burned out on the game and will help ensure that you enjoy the game as much as possible.

3. Take Anti-Nausea Medication

If you are truly having a terrible time with motion sickness, consider taking anti-nausea medication a few hours before you play the game, such as when you first get up and are eating breakfast. This will allow you to make sure that you aren’t hindered by your body’s natural reactions to the game.

4. Don’t Use a Wired Controller

Finally, get a wireless controller. This will allow you to fully enjoy the game without worrying about accidentally pulling the controller off the connecting cord. 

For more information, talk to a company like Reboot Reality that specializes in virtual reality games.

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

3 Ways To Be A Supportive Companion When Your Friend Gets A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a fun ritual for tattoo enthusiasts no matter how many times they may have gotten one before. Sure, not all tattoos are easy to get, but they are always worth it for those who adore the way tattoos look and what they represent. If you are going with your friend in their quest for new body art from the best tattoo artist they know, here are three ways that you can better support them in this endeavor.

Buy a Small Present to Commemorate the Event

When your friend plans to share the experience of getting their latest tattoo with you, buy a small present to show them that you support them and appreciate being along for the ride. This doesn’t have to be anything big, since just a small token of appreciation is nice. You may opt to give them something related to the tattoo they are getting. For example, if they are getting a Celtic cross, you may give them a Celtic diary with some sweet sentiments from you written in the front cover.

Keep Any Misgivings About Body Art to Yourself

Not everybody is a tattoo enthusiast, and that’s okay. Unfortunately, a lot of people who aren’t fond of any body art let tattoo enthusiasts know how they dislike tattoos on a weekly basis. For some reason, many people feel that they can remark on anybody’s tattoo, and their judgments on the person’s lifestyle can be extreme based only on the fact that they have a tattoo. Given that fact, it’s especially important for you to keep any misgivings to yourself. Ultimately, it’s up to the tattoo enthusiast to decide how their body should look, and you can be supportive even if it’s not a decision you would make for yourself.

Point Out What You Love About the Finished Art

When your friend presents their new body art to you, you may not have a fully formed opinion of it. Since the tattoo is not likely to be in its full glory immediately after it’s applied, be patient and look for things that you most like about the tattoo. Point these out to your friend. Honest compliments can go a long way to boosting morale and helping your friend appreciate the art that they have chosen.

Finally, being asked to go with a friend when they get a tattoo is an honor as they want to share this special experience with you, and you can best support them when you follow these tips. When you have been a supportive friend throughout this process, your friend is likely to think of you fondly every time they see that tattoo, and it is a memory that will always have a tangible souvenir that your friend takes with them everywhere. 

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

3 Tips For Throwing A Bar Mitzvah To Remember

At your son’s bar mitzvah, you have to ensure that people from various age groups and backgrounds have fun. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you want your son to remember for years to come. If you are in the process of planning a bar mitzvah, here are some tips you can use.  

Hire a DJ

Even though it might be tempting to rely on a friend or family member to provide the musical entertainment at the bar mitzvah, you need a professional. The DJ is more than just the person who spins the tunes, since he or she can help keep the party going and unite everyone in helping your son celebrate.  

The DJ can also be instrumental in helping to plan the event. Every aspect, from the musical playlist to the timing for games and activities, should be discussed with your DJ. Although you might want someone from the Jewish faith to DJ, it is not necessary. You want an entertainer and as long as he or she is willing to become familiar with traditions and terminology that is used, you can choose anyone from any faith.  

For more information, contact local professionals like Sound Choice Events.

Incorporate Technology

Chances are, your son and his friends use technology on a daily basis. Now is a great time to merge his or her daily life with the celebration. There are a number of ways you can include tech in the bar mitzvah.  

One way is to opt for streaming services. If there are friends and family who cannot attend, they can watch online. Many synagogues allow online streaming.  

You can even set up a photo sharing gallery that everyone who attends can have access to. Each guest can upload pictures so that you and your family do not miss out on any moments. They can even share the images to social networking accounts.  

Think Outside the Box for Giveaways

Giving out gifts to friends and family for attending the bar mitzvah is part of the experience, but you want your son’s gifts to stand out. Chances are your friends and family already have a collection of t-shirts and such from other bar mitzvahs, so you need to choose something that will make an impression and not be one more thing tossed in the box with other gifts.  

You do not have to break the bank to find nice gifts. Simple gifts, such as personalized picture frames with a picture from a photo booth, can be a great remembrance of your son’s special day.

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

5 Wedding Services You Should Book In Advance

Brides and grooms have all types of budgets in mind when planning their weddings, from inexpensive backyard ceremonies to lavish, all day banquet-styled events. Whether you’re going to have a modest affair or have grand plans in mind, you should make a booking with the five following wedding services providers as soon as you can to prepare for a day that you will never forget.

1. Professional Catering – You might have friends and family who are pretty good cooks volunteering to provide your wedding reception feast, but it is much better to go with a caterer for several reasons. Simply put, professional caterers know what they are doing, and they can help with seating, dinnerware, and portioning out the food for your wedding in a manner that volunteers cannot. Hire a professional catering service early so that you will know what’s on the menu and be able to request changes without paying a surcharge.

2. The Wedding Planner – Even small, quaint wedding day plans can benefit from the expertise that wedding planners provide. Your wedding planner can and will aid you when you are considering entertainment choices, like bands and wedding DJs. And if something goes wrong at the last minute, your wedding planner will keep you calm so that you can focus on the most important elements of your wedding day plans. 

3. Live Wedding DJs – During the ceremony, you might only need an organ player or someone to press ‘play’ on the CD player, but you will want a mix of tunes to be played during the reception. Hiring a wedding DJ will enable you to know that your guests will stay occupied while you change your clothes, greet guests, and have your first dance.

4. Wedding Venue Bookings – Couples with upcoming weddings usually take their time, taking tours of multiple venues before putting down their deposits. Once your wedding venue is booked, you will be able to lock in a definitive date for your wedding. Have your wedding venue booked first so that you don’t have to ask the caterers and wedding DJ to set up on a different day when they might already have other commitments.

5. Wedding Photographers – The best wedding photographers have their calendars filled up many months in advance. Having wonderful images to look back on is an important part of making wedding day plans, so have your deposit ready and a solid date to secure your preferred professional wedding photographer.

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Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

Four Things to Know About Hiring a Wedding DJ

When you are hiring a wedding DJ, you want to be sure that you hire someone who is going to provide you with the services that you are looking for at a decent price. A wedding DJ is the center of the entertainment for your guests at the wedding, so it’s important that it’s something you take seriously. Here are four things you should know about hiring a wedding DJ.

  1. Make Sure They’re Upbeat: It’s not enough to assume that the DJ is going to be upbeat on the day of your wedding. They should be upbeat, excited, and enthusiastic from the moment that you meet them. This way you know for sure that they are going to have the best qualities of a DJ on the day of your wedding. However, a special consideration should be made based on what you are looking for. You want an upbeat DJ, but you might not one who holds the spotlight, but instead will keep a casual distance. This way, they do not overtake your wedding. So consider whether or not they interrupt you while you are talking or don’t take your requests seriously, which are signs that they might not provide you with what you are looking for. 
  2. Ask the Right Questions: When you are meeting a prospective DJ, you need to ask the right questions, such as what their overtime fees will be. If the wedding reception goes on longer than expected, you are going to have to pay these costs if you expect the DJ to stay. You also need to be sure that they can play all the music that you are looking for. 
  3. Request a Video Demonstration: Before you hire a DJ, be sure to ask for a video demonstration. Some DJs will have one up on your website. This is going to give you an idea of how their service will play out at your own wedding. 
  4. Read Over the Contract: Before you sign a contract when you choose a DJ you want to hire, you need to be sure that you thoroughly read over the contract. The contract should include the right time, date, location, and price. Be sure to look over what the additional charges are to ensure that you know how to avoid them and to ensure that you are willing to spend this amount if needed. 

When you know these four things, you can be sure that you choose a DJ that is perfect for your wedding day. Talk to a service like Any Event Productions for more tips.

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Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in Blog, Entertainment |

Tips To Grow Your Video Game Streaming Channel

Streaming video games can be an excellent way for a person to build a following, and this following can be used to generate income. However, many newcomers to streaming will make some mistakes that can hinder the ability of their channel to grow. In order to minimize these risks and ensure that your channel’s subscriber count grows, you will need to consider following some basic guidelines.

Record Your Streaming Sessions

Many people will fail to appreciate the value that comes from recording streaming sessions. However, taking the time to save your stream will allow you to upload it to multiple video websites, which can allow you to reach many more viewers.

In addition to uploading your entire session, you should also consider creating compilations, teasers and reviews. All of these options will allow you to incorporate video of your saved streaming sessions, which can greatly increase the amount of content you are publishing.  

Understand The Steps For Properly Incorporating Social Media To Grow Your Stream

In order for your channel to gain subscribers, people will have to be able to find it. To this end, an active and effective social media campaign can be essential. When designing your campaign, you will want to regularly update your social media page with entertaining content that is relevant to gaming. Ideally, this should be a healthy mixture of articles, videos, and memes, as this will help to keep your audience engaged.

Avoid Committing Copyright Infringement

When you are streaming or promoting your stream, you will need to only use images and music that you have commercial rights to. Using copyrighted images or music without permission can result in you being sued and possibly having to pay expensive damages. Luckily, there are a number of services that allow you to pay a small monthly fee to access a large catalog of commercial-use images and music.

Create A Blog

As you promote your stream, it is likely that you will need to actively work on numerous websites. For example, you may have social media accounts on the major networks, accounts for various video uploading websites, and forum accounts. In the event that you were to switch to a new streaming platform, you could find it extremely time consuming and disruptive to have to change the profile information in all of these accounts to reflect your new platform. By having a blog, you can direct all of your accounts to a stable website where fans and followers can find your schedule.

Additionally, a blog can allow you to capitalize on traffic to your pages when you are not actively streaming. This will require you to make regular updates to the blog, but the ability to capture this traffic may be worth the extra work this will require. For more information on video game streaming, check out companies like

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